Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Review: 'Everything is True' by Paul Dempsey for Cream Magazine

For Cream Magazine.
Paul Dempsey - 'Everything Is True'

When Something For Kate's Paul Dempsey says he's releasing a solo effort, he's not using the term loosely. Dempsey penned and sung every lyric, and played every instrument heard on the record, which he co-produced. He takes a 'one guy and a guitar' approach, and the results are so fundamentally different to the sonic formula of SFK that it is virtually unrecognisable. All eleven tracks are unadorned, and the album is packed with intimate whispers backed by sweeping, simple guitar melodies. This newfound softness and absence of bass is becoming of Dempsey's tender vocals; refreshingly light and effortless. Lead singles 'Out The Airlock' and 'Ramona Was A Waitress' are obvious highlights, amongst serenely charming tracks that reveal their strength with multiple listens.

Anna Angel
'Everything Is True' is out through Capitol/EMI.

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