Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Interview: Bluejuice for Tom Magazine

Interview with Bluejuice for Tom Magazine, here.

Bluejuice make the music of pop artists and have the stories of rock stars. The morning after playing a sold out gig at Brisbane’s The Zoo, band members Jake Stone and Stav Yiannoukas chat to Tom Magazine about their upcoming album and tour, jumping rope and breaking bones.

Although tired and facing a day of press junkets, followed by the drive to Coolangatta for their show that night, Yiannoukas and Stone seem rapt with their Brissie gig - at least comparatively.

"No fire extinguisher shutdown incidents this time," Yiannoukas jokes dryly. "Last time we came there was some drunk crazy lady who set off a fire extinguisher, and in about ten seconds the whole room filled with this thick fog which choked everyone and we were evacuated mid song, basically."

Stone explains that having to evacuate 350 drunken people from the venue wasn’t exactly easy.

"We evacuated into the band room, and they were vomiting from the powder, and we had to give them beer so they could wash their mouths and eyes out," Stone says, while Yiannoukas adds, "It was like, please don’t vomit on our gear! It was hilarious."

Bluejuice have been touring nationally to promote ‘Broken Leg’, the lead single from their forthcoming second release, Head of the Hawk. Despite calling Sydney home, they say Brisbane is like a home away from home, and one of their favourite cities to play. Stone says, "Generally the warmer places like Perth, Brissie and Adelaide are more willing to dance and have fun". Good thing too, as their infectious and unabashedly pop sound would get anyone on their feet. That’s the idea, anyway.

"We’re not looking for approval, all we’re really looking for is drunken dancing," Stone says."

Although," Yiannoukas laughs, "not always drunken dancing, sometimes just drunken watching, that can be good too."

When asked if audiences are applauded for getting up and dancing while sober, Yiannoukas laughs as if this is a crazy suggestion.

"Nobody wants anyone to dance when they’re sober," Stone says seriously. "It looks like you’re at a wedding - we’re not that kind of band."

Etc, and so on, and so forth.

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