Thursday, March 4, 2010

Review: 'Dear John' for Tom Magazine

For Tom Magazine. Sigh, made me cry like a baby.

Dear John
Director: Lasse Hallstrom
Starring: Amanda Seyfried, Channing Tatum, Richard Jenkins
Reviewed by Anna Angel.

This Nicholas Sparks adaptation begins like The Notebook 2: Modern Era. Maybe I just noticed the connections more because The Notebook happens to be by the same author. Either way, it eventually separates itself as an equally tear-jerking and original story on its own. While on a summer break, the young, beautiful, and sweet Savannah (Amanda Seyfried) meets John (Channing Tatum), a soldier on leave, visiting his father. They begin a whirlwind romance, and fall spectacularly in love, spinning some corny lines that are delivered so expertly they feel natural. After only two weeks, they are condemned to a year apart, as John goes back to his mission. It may sound all-too familiar, but the main difference here is that the letters they send each other don’t go unanswered.

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