Monday, August 2, 2010

Review: 'Wooly Jumpers Vol 1' for Rave Magazine


A bundle of sweet, unrelated musical tangents

French independent label Wool Recordings showcase a selection of unreleased material from their favourite artists to delight and entice us. Racial profiling is wrong I know, but damn the French have good taste. On side A Stereolab’s singer, Laetita Sadier, hints at what’s inside her upcoming solo record with Statues, a minimalist track full of dramatic pitch changes and heavy silences. Castanets’ Little Pretty Eyes provides a highlight; a touching track sounding like a rougher, more tremulous Mumford & Sons, with obsessively loving lyrics teetering on the right side of creepiness. On side B, Peter Broderick gives us a haunting narrative, the simply powerful Man On The Bridge, full of eerily altered vocals and harmonies. Finally, Wool’s own outfit, Double-U, bring sparse lo-fi synth-pop to the table. This collection provides a dreamy, more-ish experience.


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