Saturday, January 15, 2011

Review: 'Think of England' by The Honey Pies for Rave Magazine

THE HONEY PIES – Think Of England

Quintessential Britpop care of Adelaide

Adelaide rock-pop outfit The Honey Pies seem to have done more than just think of England during the making of their debut record; the commemorative Wills and Kate royal wedding glossies could have been their muse. Their style is so heavily influenced by classic Britpop (lo-fi and slightly psychedelic for bonus vintage desirability) that it’s hard to catch any hint of a ‘Strine’ accent within their harmonies. Opener Sex Wax is an up-tempo warm-up for tracks like Don’t Mention the War. The latter is a brilliantly oldschool anthem that sports riffs galore whilst having some bi-lingual fun. They come out blazing on short punk number DQYDJB, but their lighter side – highlights are Fool In Love and Aztek – is wonderfully sweet, punctuating a jangling ’60s vibe with modern candour. Think Of England is a delightful series of well-written (if not entirely original) salutes to Britannia, for both her yellowing pop ditties and contemporary exports like Arctic Monkeys.

Read online here, or in the latest Rave Magazine, issue 973.

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