Tuesday, April 5, 2011

News: 'Real 'service' station keeps paying the Bill' for The Courier-Mail

First day on the job (okay, internship) at The Courier-Mail. Found in the paper on April 5.

Real 'service' station keeps paying the Bill

 Anna Angel
5 April 2011
The Courier-Mail

NUNDAH'S Buckland Auto Service doesn't sell bread or milk, but more than 50 years of old-fashioned service has kept the customers coming back.

Owner Bill Russell and his wife Marilyn have survived offering more than just fuel - they take the time to personally look after each customer - giving something the large service stations no longer provide.

The pair offer full driveway service - filling up motorists' tanks, pumping tyres and greeting each one with a smile and a bit of a chat through the car window.

Mr Russell said it was a simple but rare level of service that keeps their business afloat.

``If you keep them happy they will come back,'' he said.

He said he would be giving the fuel away for free if he tried to compete in the service station price wars.

Instead, as a skilled mechanic, he is able to to provide quality car care and much more than customer fuel vouchers.

``If you've got a little problem with your car, and it's just somebody behind a counter, they're not going to get off their bum to help anyone,'' he said.

He said motoring enthusiasts trust him with their classic vehicles because ``younger mechanics have no idea what to do with them''.

Mr Russell said while many smaller service stations had struggled to compete, the Nundah garage has been in business since 1956 and showed no sign of slowing.

``We make a living, we look after them and they're all happy," he said.

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