Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Updates and inspirations: looking back on FPS 2010

Before the new web team wipes everything we worked on last year, I thought I'd share some images and text from the 2010 Frock Paper Scissors site. It might not seem so important, but it's crazy to think every design element, every image and every word was dreamed up, coded, edited and fussed over by myself and the entire web team. It takes more work, and is much more satisfying when the final product comes together, than I ever realised. I only wish I could have continued with the site after the mammoth task of redesign.

Aside from the homepage, we made the extra challenge of three seperate landing pages, women's fashion, lifestyle and men's fashion.
We worked on seperate galleries and profiles for each fashion graduate and FPS editorial team member:

We hosted events and shop listings that took up about 90 per cent of my time in those last few weeks. 

As well as fashion galleries and a stack of wonderful features.

 There were so many ideas that never came to fruition, roadblocks and learning curves, but overall I was happy with the design and the quality of content and so glad for the experience.

You can almost see the look of relief on my face at the launch, knowing it had all come together ...  photo from the lovely Erica over at Girl with a Satchel, who is kind enough to lend her passion and experience to the FPS team each year.

 Hope this year's team have as much fun as we did, and perhaps stress a little less!

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