Sunday, May 24, 2009

Review: 'NEON Essentials Vol 1' for Tom Magazine


Neon Essentials Vol. 1 (Neon/Warner)

Neon Essentials Vol 1 brings a bucket load of dance mixes from some of the hottest acts around, across two discs, one mixed by TV Rock, the other by Chardy. Neon is an essential ‘throw-the-record-on, let-the-non-stop-dancing-begin album’, having the benefit of being mixed so every track blends seamlessly into one. In order to properly review this record, I couldn’t just listen to it; I had to make sure it had the ‘booty-shake seal of approval’ first. So, yes, I got down in my pyjamas to what, I must say, are some pretty stellar mixes from artists like Armand Van Helden, Tommie Sunshine and Empire of the Sun. With rises in intensity, some mellower moments, but 100% persistent energy, I give Neon four booty-shakes out of five. Not bad at all.

On disc one, Sidney Samson’s ‘Riverside’ is intense, persistent, and addictive, despite the only lyrics being, "Riverside, Motherfucker!" TV Rock’s remix of ‘Hey Boys and Girls’, by Evermore, is a standout, with the benefit of sing-a-long lyrics. Disc 2, mixed by Chardy, does not always flow as smoothly as the first disc, with some sudden groove-killing drops in intensity. However, there are some killer tracks, bass heavy, and a whole lot of fun. Two tracks by Bingo Players, ‘Get Up’, and ‘Chop’ are ridiculously infectious with strong beats, and hip-hop vocals. The record finishes strong, with Empire of the Sun’s ‘We are the People’, remixed by Sam La More, fusing an unrelenting rhythm with an undeniably catchy hit.

(Anna Angel)

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