Sunday, May 24, 2009

Fiction: 'Stray Into The Woods, Little Red' for Six Sentences

Fiction in six sentences. An old piece published on, Nov last year.

Stray Into the Woods, Little Red

She couldn’t remember why they’d fought, or even if they had. She is alone, straying much too far away, listening to strangers laugh unfamiliar yet unmistakably beautiful tunes; it is of no consequence now. A young girl weaves through the pines, towering giants sway to an inaudible melody, a reluctant swing set sighs under a delicate frame; the child’s world is untainted and all is as it should be. Letting the earth melt softly into her back, she closes her eyes; black speckles replace the girl’s red pinafore. Rough fingers seek hers through the supple veil of grass, and squinting through the sun, she finds him next to her. Night falls and he fades into a bruised sky, she is alone once more, yearning for home, where everything was as it should be.6S

Anna Angel is studying Journalism and Creative Writing, and is often told her name makes her sound like a superhero, or a porn star. She is neither.

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