Sunday, June 14, 2009

Review: 'Inshalla' by Eskimo Joe for Tom Magazine

For Tom Magazine.
Inshalla (Warner Music)

Eskimo Joe saw international success with their third release, Black Fingernails, Red Wine, but how does their highly anticipated follow-up, Inshalla, compare? This time around the band have enlisted the help of Brit, Gil Norton to produce this record in Byron Bay. The Perth band dabble with louder and softer tunes, but never stray too far from their winning, signature style. Why would they? The record consists of some strong moments, peppered with blander, filler tracks. Overall, it’s sure to placate Eskimo Joe fans, and cement their growing popularity in the international market.

The record opens with lead single, ‘Foreign Land’, an appealing, catchy rock tune with oddly infectious infusions of folk music. ‘Losing Friends Over Love’ is a perfectly radio-friendly, wonderfully upbeat rock track, ‘How did everything go wrong/ we all just try to carry on’. ‘The Sound of Your Heart’ and ‘Please Elise’ are examples of the gentle, yet upbeat rock ballads that make up Inshalla, fusing desperate croons with crowd-pleasing choruses.
(Anna Angel)

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