Sunday, June 14, 2009

Review: 'Million Dollar Sex Party' by X & Hell for Tom Magazine

For Tom Magazine.
Million Dollar Sex Party (Solid State/Illusive)

Melbourne-based rap duo X & Hell try their hand at infusing their style with dance, soul and pop influences. The result is some fun and varied tracks, that never feels overly repetitive. X & Hell’s sound is complimented nicely by the addition of synth, and classic pop beats. This is not, despite the friendly sound, an album headed for tweenage iPods and over-play on generic radio stations. If the lyrics are listened to, you’ll find yourself nodding your head along to tunes littered with intense profanities, with some pretty questionable subject matters; classic sex, drugs and...rap. Despite the occasional cringe at overt sexual innuendo, or homophobic reference, it’s still easy listening.

The title track is a furious upbeat collaboration with Paris Wells. X & Hell explore the general shitness of life as a starving, would-be rap artist, demanding that one day they get their deserved fame, or as they like to call it, ‘I want my million dollar sex party!’ Another standout track is the lovechild of cheesy synth and classic rap, ‘My Fkn Hat’. The song makes for hilarious listening, telling the tale of a man with a bald patch who refuses to take off his hat in public. If that alone doesn’t draw you in, the chorus of, ‘no, I won’t take my motherfuckin’ hat off,’ is a killer.
(Anna Angel)

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