Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Review: 'Our Own War' by Project 62 for Rave Magazine

Didn't even realise until just now this had gone to print already, but here's a review of Project 62's record, 'Our Own War' for Rave Magazine issue 929, which you can view online here, page 24. I was recently taken on as a freelance contributor with them, and have a few things coming up in the next issues as well. Watch this space!

PROJECT 62 – Our Own War

Grizzly rockers come together to gather an army

Our Own War, the first release for Toowoomba based
eclectic rock quintet Project 62, follows a burgeoning
reputation as a solid live act. It’s a record
of playful contradictions: deep vocals over bluestinged
tracks; the sweeter, melodic ballad Without;
and angrier, heavier rock tracks with political agendas
like God’s Gift. The record is driven lyrically by
a staunch, nearly religious rejection of passivity,
both personal and political. Project 62 presents
a raucous, self-aware but likeable meld of rock influences,
lined with the earnest ethos of old-soul
punk-rockers. Our Own War comes complete with
a handy appreciation guide for listeners: “1. Play it
loud. 2. Read the lyrics while you listen. 3. When the
album seems over, keep listening – you might be in
for a surprise!” Ideal listening would be live from a
dank, darkened country bar, but if that’s not possible,
try suggestion 5: “For best results, serve with
whiskey and/or beer.”

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