Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Review: 'Blurry' by Kate Gogarty for Rave Magazine

Issue 934

Acoustic pop from simpler times

Apparently there was a time when singer-songwriters were celebrated for their great voices, for the natural talent they’d harnessed and slaved over. That may well be the case today, but with all the remastering of pop tracks, these voices are wiped-down with stain remover and voided of charm. Gogarty’s fi rst off ering, a six-track EP, demonstrates a skilled vocal range and a rare voice that is beautiful for its breaks and imperfections. Gogarty powers through each track with equal force – a mixture of Sarah McLachlan and a hardened folk artist. With lyrics telling of love and heartache in a universal way, tracks such as I Will Be Waiting will appeal widely, but don’t show much contrast in style or even topic. If you close your eyes and let them meld into one extended piece, it’s enough to transport you somewhere that’s better than here, to make you feel even if you don’t know quite what it is you’re feeling.
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