Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Review: 'She's Out of My League' for TOM Magazine

She’s Out Of My League

Directed by: Jim Field Smith.
Starring: Jay Baruchel, Alice Eve, Nate Torrence, Krysten Ritter, T.J. Miller.
Reviewed by Anna Angel.

The title tells you everything you need to decide whether this movie is for you. The little guy, Kirk (Baruchel), wants the big fish, the stunning Molly (Eve), but doesn’t have faith that he can reel it in, so stands to ruin his own chances. With a little support, can he realise he has enough to catch the girl? (Loreal, because he’s worth it.) Beware this is not just a heart-warming bundle of laughs to lift your sprits when you realise that you’re almost thirty, still work at Dominos and that acne isn’t clearing up. With moments of admittedly well-done crass humour, and solid characterisation, this film is slightly confused, trying to play to the American Pie audience and their girlfriends, but ultimately funny.

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